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Bērnu deju festivāls Ukrainā
Pasākumi - Events TRAVEL CLUB, LTD
.Marx ave., 47, Dniepropetrovsk 49044 Ukraine
/fone +38 0562 338373 /fax + 38 0562 338363 E-mail: info@travelclub.dp.ua
International Festival of the Kid choreographic creativitySea Star 2007
Dear friends!
Ukrainian professional unit of the small and innovation enterprises, Inter-regional create association Pridneprovye and tourism company Travel club with the support of the City Soviet of Big Yalta city have honour to invite you to take part in International Festival of the Kid choreographic creativity Sea Star 2007 which will take place in August 14 23, 2007 (First part will be in Dniepropetrovsk city from 14.08.2007 till 16.08.2007 and the second part will be on the territory of the Southern Cost of Crimea peninsula from 17.08.2007 till 23.08.2007).
During the Festival you will have an opportunity to meet the large political and industrial center of Ukraine - Dniepropetrovsk city, which is located in very beautiful Pridnerovsky region of Ukraine and to see the unique resort zone on Crimea peninsula Southern Cost of the Crimea. The river Dnepr the biggest river in Europe proceeds in Dniepropetrovsk and it has many great inflows - Samara, Orel, Ingulets and others, that create special zone with the numerous places of the rest, parks and gardens. The territory of Big Yalta is the one place in Crimea where mixes mountain, sea and steppe and combine tropical and subtropical climatic zone.
Thanking the carrying out of the actions in several places Dniepropetrovsk, Yalta, Simeiz, Alupka and others we hope the interest to our Festival of the tourists resting on that place and maximal fillability of stages.

Alexandr Nikitin
The President of the Inter-regional create association Pridneprovye. Tymoshenko Borys General director of travel company Travel club
Regulation of the International Festival of the Kid choreographic creativity Sea Star 2007
1. Arrival of the collectives participants in Dniepropetrovsk city on the 14-th of August 2007. We suppose that all collectives well arrive in their own buses for the comfort using and transportation on the territory of Pridneprovye and in Crimea. The departure of the participants and the guests of the Festival will be on the 23-rd of August 2007 afternoon..
2. We invite the Kid choreographic collectives ages 10 16 years. Common number of participants of the collective will not be more that 45 persons including leaders, teachers and the drivers. Greater number of participants of one collective will be individual agreed.
3. Preliminary confirm on the taking part in the Festival with rough number of children and adults please will be given till 30-th of June 2007.
4. Applications for taking part in the Festival with the list of participants with the age and sex pointing please will be sent till 14-th of July 2007 on address .Marx ave., 47, Dniepropetrovsk 49044 Ukraine Tanya@travelclub.dp.ua and a_nik2005@ukr.net Tel . + 38 0562 33 83 73(53). +38056749 12 75 Fax. + 38 0562 33 83 63
5. To the application we ask to put the biography of collective, a photo on a CD disk, DVD record of the dancing program.
6. All participants are obliged to have the medical insurance and the information on a state of health, the established sample (for rest in a children's boarding house).
7. For participation in the Festival it is necessary to prepare the following program: choreographic composition till 10 minutes for general collectives,- the program of the collective till 35-40 minutes for the performances of ensemble on concert platforms of Southern coast of Crimea.
8. The soundtracks must be on CD disks.
9. During the Festival the participants live and eat in 2-3 places with all conveniences in the hotel Mayak (Dniepropetrovsky region) and Sanatorium Im.Kuibysheva (Yalta). Cost of full service is 217 EURO on each person on the Festival.
10. The cost includes residing at places, a 4- feed and participation in Festival actions. An excursion service is not included into a total cost of charges and is studied with each collective individually.
11. Money resources are listed on the settlement account BENEFICIARY: TYMOSHENKO BORYSAccount #: 2625 1 001546823Beneficiarys bank: OTP Bank 20 Artyoma str., Dniepropetrovsk, 49030SWIFT code: OTPVUAUK
12. During the Festival will be concerts, evenings of dialogue, a disco and other actions under direction of skilled masters and organizers in which visitors of Festival will accept participation.
13. All collectives-participants of the Festival will be given memory diplomas and Incentive prizes.
14. The basic purposes of carrying out of Festival:a. enrichment of children by art and emotional experience;b. healthy high-grade rest;c. assistance to contacts and the further communicate between creative collectives.
Contact persons Lomakina Tatyana Tanya@travelclub.dp.ua
Nikitin Alexandrer

Organization comity of the International Festival of the Kid choreographic creativity Sea Star 2007.

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