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Tanzolymp Berlīnē
Pasākumi - Events 5th International Dance Festival TANZOLYMP in Berlin 13th -16th February 2008  www.tanzolymp.com Regulations and Project Summary    The International Dance Festival TANZOLYMP will be held in Berlin on annual basis under the motto „Dance as a global language“ and will give participants the opportunity to meet other children from all over the world in workshops, seminars and competitions. The main aim of the Festival is to support and increase the popularity of dancing. Besides an international exchange regarding the different forms of dance aesthetics and artistic style the festival will provide an insight into the spectrum and variety of dancing. The crowning event of the festival will be the international gala where the best solo artists, duos and groups/formations will receive the opportunity to perform before a public audience. For the future it is planed that an International Children’s Dance Company will be formed, consisting of chosen participants and winners of the previous year. The purpose of the International Children’s Dance Festival and the International Dance Company is to bring children, teachers and noted celebrities together in a professional way and to create new impulses for the development of international dancing.    - 2 -Media partners: German TV channel ZDF/ 3Sat; RTVI- InternationalBallettanz- GermanyTanz-Journal- GermanyDance Spirit- USABallet Magazine- MoscowDance for You- German Magazine for Private SchoolsBZ- Berliner Zeitung Berliner Morgenpost Ballett Intern- Germany     Organizers of the festival: PraBesTime Production Berlin, GermanyArt-Center Moscow, Russia  Categories:Solo artists, duos and groups/formations may compete in the following dance categories: - Classical/neoclassical dance professional and private schools (not for age group A) for SOLO, DUO, GROUP- Modern/contemporary dance professional and private schools for SOLO, DUO, GROUP - Traditional/character folk dance for DUO & GROUP - Pop/Jazz for DUO & GROUP  No point work and classical repertoire for age group AOnly one dance category for DUO and for GROUPOnly for SOLO artists two dance categories be possibleFor GROUP, only two solo performances will be possible  Program of the festival: - Competitions; - Final dance Gala, (not every winner will perform at the Gala, only the best performances)- Workshops and podium discussions- Cultural programThe detailed program of the festival will be released in January 2008.      -3- Requirements for participation: - Application forms, filled in completely, will be submitted by 15th December 2007 of the year preceding the date of the festival. - Not completed application forms will not be accepted- Application forms should be returned to the organizer with a signed copy of the “Rules and Regulations” of the TANZOLYMP- With the application form a short Video/DVD will be submitted showing short pieces of dances performed by the child/formation (compulsory condition) - With the application each child/formation has to decide in which category it/they    want(s) to participate. - The number of participants of a group/formation is not limited. - Age of the participants: Group A: from 8-12 years oldGroup B: from 13-15 years oldGroup C: from 16-18 years oldGroup D: from 19-21 years old- Participants are required to have their own health insurance.  Number of performances and duration:For solo artists: 2 performances per dance category (together maximum 4 minutes)For duos: 2 performances in one dance category only (maximum 6 minutes) For Pas des Deux from classical repertoire: 1 Pas des Deux (together 12 minutes)    For groups/formations: 3 performances in one dance category only (together maximum 12 minutes)The above time limits are binding and are not to be exceeded. There are, however, two minimum numbers of performances.  Music and CD-Vinyl records or CDs with optimum sound quality may be used to reproduce the musical pieces required for the performances.-No minidisks are allowed-All CDs should be handed in on arrival and labeled with name and title of the dance-All CDs will be collected by person responsible for sound at the theatre-Each dance should be recorded on separated CD-All CDs should be collected at the end of the Gala by participants. Otherwise, CDs will not be returned by mail.-During the event the solo artists, duos and groups/formations will perform according to the order established in a draw on the opening day of the festival.     -4-Participation Fees:20 Euro per participant per dance category (solo artists)20 Euro per participant (duos)
15 Euro per participant (groups)

All fees are payable upon application, however, no later than 15th December 2007 to the following account: Account No. 682168000, Commerzbank Berlin, BANK CODE 100 400 00, Germany (SWIFT Code COBADEFFXXX, IBAN DE34 1004 0000 0682 1680 00). Payments should be made out to PraBesTime Production. It is not possible to reimburse fees for registered participants who fail to attend the festival.
 Jury of the festival: The program will be judged by an independent jury. The jury will consist of notable personalities comprising: dance, media and culture. During the program the jury will judge the artists’/groups’ performances according to “technical skill”, “artistic expression” and “artistic intention”. The jury is entitled to select the best performances for the final gala. Furthermore, the jury is authorized to suspend any performance that is in breach with the regulations of the festival. Jury president-Vladimir Vasiliev Bolshoi Theatre. Prizes and awards: The participants will receive gold, silver and bronze medals and diplomas as well as complimentary gifts. Guests of honors of the festival will also receive complimentary gifts, scholarships to the Europe leading ballet schools and institutions. Prize found 15.000 Euro.     Adhesion:The participation fees do not include any type of insurance. Costs for transport within Berlin or transfers from/to the airport or train station are NOT included. The organizers will not assume any liability for accidents, theft etc occurring during the festival on or off the premises of the event. Every candidate is responsible for his/her travel costs to and from the event. It is not possible to reimburse fees for registered participants who fail to attend the festival. Visa ServiceAll participants who require a German visa and who need an official invitation from organizing Committee will be charge the amount of 55 Euro per solo artists and duo; 105 Euro per group.      -5-  Hotel Fees:350 Euro, for 4 nights including:1.      Accommodation in double rooms at the Park Inn Hotel ****+2.      Breakfast and dinner3.      organized museum tour in Berlin4.      prizes, award and complimentary gifts5.      one ticket for final gala performance (for non-participant of the gala and only for students)  Important information:-          Check in to Park Inn Hotel at 12 am-          Check out from Park Inn Hotel at 1 pm-          All rooms are double-          All participants wishing to stay in single rooms will have to pay the single room supplement themselves. Single room- 360 Euro-          Breakfast at Park Inn Hotel from 7-11.30 am on the second floor-          Dinner at Park Inn Hotel from 5-11 pm on the second floor -          Using of mini bar and telephone will be paid by participants, TANZOLYMP is not responsible  -          No credit cards are accepted, fees for hotel should be wired to PraBesTime Production account by Commerzbank-          By arrival at the Hotel everyone should check in at the information table for  instructions  -          All participants of TANZOLYMP should stay at the Park Inn Hotel-          There is special package-offer only for 4 nights at the Park Inn Hotel. Extra night will cost 60 Euro-          There is no money return in case of absence -          Please note that all Hotels fees are payable, however, no later than 1st January 2008-          With registration for TANZOLYMP all participants accept the “Rules and Regulations” of TANZOYLMP 2007 

PraBesTime Production

Willmanndamm 710827 BerlinTel. / Fax. +49 30 2045 5130www.tanzolymp.com                                   info@tanzolymp.com Account no. 682168000, Commerzbank Berlin, Bank Code 100 400 00

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