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'5-th World Dance OLYMPIAD
Pasākumi - Events

World Dance Olympiad 2008

Schedule Daily

May 1

  • Show Dance Children (solo, duos, small group) Open Russian Cup
  • Show Dance Junior (all nominations) Open Russian Cup

May 2

  • Show Dance Production Open Russian Championship
  • Show Dance Children (formation) Open Russian Cup
  • Show Dance Adults Open Russian Cup
  • Techno Adults, Junior, Children Open Russian Cup
  • Jazz, Modern, Ballet Master-classes and Congress
  • IDO judges seminar
  • IDO judges examination

May 3

  • Jazz, Modern, Ballet Adults, Junior, Children Open European Championship
  • Techno Adults, Junior, Children World Championship
  • Disco Adults, Junior, Children Open Russian Cup lieges (1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Hip-Hop Open Russian Cup children, juniors, adults lieges (1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Disco Freestyle Open Russian Cup
  • Hip-Hop Countries Team Battle
  • International Street Dance Clubs Team Championship

May 4

  • Jazz, Modern, Ballet Adults, Junior, Children Open European Championship
International Street Dance Festival Back In Russia
  • Disco Adults, Junior, Children Open Russian Cup
  • Street Show Open Russian Cup small group and formation
  • Gala Show of Olympiad

May 5

International Street Dance Festival Back In Russia
  • Break Dance Open Russian Cup teams juniors, adults
  • Electric Boogie Open Russian Cup children, juniors, adults solo, duets, teams
  • Hip-Hop Open Russian Cup children, juniors, adults all nominations

May 6

  • Open Russian Cup Belly Dance children, juniors, adults, all nominations
  • The 6-th International Congress on Problems of Arabic Dance Development

May 7

  • The International Tap Championship\ Open Russian Championship
  • Open Russian Cup Belly Dance children, juniors, adults, all nominations finals
  • Flamenco Junior, Children Open Russian Cup
  • Folk Dance World Championship solo and groups
  • Flamenco Adults World Championship

May 8

  • Belly Dance/Oriental World Championship Adults, Junior, Children solo
  • Belly Dance/Oriental World Championship Adults small group

May 9

  • IDSF Dance Sport competition

May 10

International Couple Festival
  • IDO couple dance World Cup and World Championship
  • Open Russian Championship Argentine Tango adult pairs
  • Open Russian Championship Disco Fox/Disco Swing/Hustle adult pairs
  • Open Russian Championship Salsa/Mambo/Merengue adult, junior pairs

May 11

  • IDSF Dance Sport competition

Welcome to the World's Largest Dance Forum
'5-th World Dance OLYMPIAD
1-8 May 2008 Moscow Crocus-Expo

The largest dance event in the world
12000 dancers from 35 countries

Contents of the World Dance OLYMPIAD\Convention\IDO approved event

1. Indian Dance Festival-contest
2. Flamenco Festival-contest
3. Gipsy Dance Festival-contest
4. Arabic Dance Festival '7-th Oriental Dance Festival of Russia'
5. Festival-contest among dance bands (except for sport ballroom dances) - historical and traditional dances, dances of the nations, game performances, stylized dances
6. The 5-s Festival-contest among fashion theatres and fashion agencies 'Fashion Image'
7. The International Tap Championship\ Open Russian Championship
8. The 7-th International Congress on Modern Dancing Trends
9. The 6-s International Congress on Problems of Arabic Dance Development
10. Master classes of 20 free-for-all practical lessons on various dance styles with Russian and foreign best specialists
11. The 7-th Open Russian Championship Argentine Tango adult pairs12. The 7-th Open Russian Championship Disco Fox/Disco Swing/Hastle adult pairs
13. The 7-th Open Russian Championship Step children, juniors, adults, 5 nominations
14. The 7-th Open Russian Championship Salsa/Mambo/Merengue adult pairs
15. The 7-th Open Russian Cup Belly Dance children, juniors, adults, all nominations
16. The 7-th Open Russian Cup Show Dance children, juniors, adults all nominations
17. The 7-th Open Russian Cup Hip-Hop children, juniors, adults all nominations
18. The 7-th Open Russian Cup Break Dance teams juniors, adults
19. The 7-th Open Russian Cup Electric Boogie children, juniors, adults solo, duets, teams
20. The 7-th Open Russian Cup Folk Dance children, juniors, adults all nominations
21. The 7-th Open Russian Cup Belly Dance children, juniors, adults all nominations, professionals solo
22. The 7-th Open Russian Cup Disco children, juniors, adults 5 nominations
23. The 7-th Open Russian Cup Street Show small group and formation
24. 3- d IDO Open European Championship Jazz, Modern, Balet children, juniors, adults 5 nominations
25. 6-th IDO World Championship Belly Dance all nominations and ages
26. 2-d IDO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Flamenco all nominations and ages
27. 2-d IDO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Techno all nominations and ages
28. Contest of visagists and hairdressers 'Miss Convention'
29. International exhibition of goods and services for dancing, classic and sport choreography, dance theatres 'Dance and Theatre Industry - 2008'
30. 2-d Open Russian Cup Twirling and Majorette croups
31. 3-d Open Russian Cup Erotic dance show
32. Tribal dance festival
33. International team Hip Hop battle
34. Gala Show of Olympiad

Schedule of OLYMPIADE will be soon on IDO-Russia web WWW.ORTODANCE.RU

For the FIFTH time in the world dance history the largest event, unique both for its contents and name, the 'World Dance OLYMPIAD, is taking place in Moscow in exhibition complex Crocus City-Expo.The world of dance is rich and manifold. Nowadays almost every month there are great contests, festivals, master classes and workshops on different dance styles taking place all over the world. Schedule of dancers is full of various interesting activities. They are ready to pay large sums of money to participate in famous contests or to get new dance attainments from the world-known stars. But only really significant dance events could attract thousands and thousands of dancers and specialists.The history of World Dance Olympiad\Convention began in 2001 and coincides with creation All-Russian Dance Organization (ARDO) in our country. The decision about establishing of this organization was made exactly at the First Moscow Festival of Modern and Pop Dances at the beginning of June. Later, the ARDO was included as a full national member in the International Dance Organization (IDO), that unites 86 world countries. In 2002 a new name appeared in the ARDO schedule of events - 'Open Russian Cup' that had been a follow of the Moscow Festival. Over 1500 competitors take part for 10 dance styles. At the same time the decision was made to broaden the limits of the Cup and to carry out World and European Championships on modern dance styles together with the International Dance Organization. And this has become a reality now!
From 23 to 26 April 2003 in Moscow at two dance pavilions of sport and show complex Izmailovo following events took place: the first in history World Belly Dancing Championship, the European Cups on Dance Show and Hip-hop, the Russian Cup on Disco, Hip-hop, Dance Show, Step, Folk Dancing and Belly Dancing, and also the second International Congress on Modern Dances. The event resulted in 3100 participants from 15 world countries, 78 towns from 36 regions of our country, and marvelous comments of participants, especially of those from far foreign countries!
Than in:
2004 - 1- st World Dance Convention 7200 participants
2005 - 2- st World Dance Convention 8500 participants from 17 world countries
2006 - 3- st World Dance Convention 9500 participants from 22 world countries
2007 4 th World Dance Olympiad\Convention 11400 participants from 30 world countries

The distinctive feature of this Convention is that it will unite more than 22 dance styles and include not only contest part, but workshops, master classes, round tables and cultural program as well.

Contact information:

danceCSKA@mtu-net.ru, orto@softel.ru
Phones of Organizational Committee: Tel: + 7 (499) 194-99-04GSM: + 7 (495) 772-6051
Fax: + 7 (499) 194-99-04
For correspondence: Russia 123298 Moscow Marshala Malinovskogo str. 7 office 18
Olympiad organizersInternational Dance Organization (IDO)All-Russian Dance Organization (ARDO) President Andrey Kokoulin CROCUS International, LTD
With support of:Administration of the President of Russian Federation Russian Ministry of CultureRussian Ministry of Sport Committee on Youth Affairs and Sport of Russian Federal CouncilMoscow GovernmentMoscow Modern and Pop Dancing Federation Moscow State University of Culture and ArtsOlympiad Partners:Dance Holding CompanyCompany 'Dance Video'RulesNominationsSolo girlsSolo boysDuets/pairs/trio (in Tap dance) Small groups (3-7 persons)Formation (8-24 persons)Production (25 persons and over)Age groups:Children 97 year of birth and youngerJuniors 93-96 years of birthAdults 92 year of birth and olderMusic mediumsOnly!!! CD or Mini are acceptable. To make sure it's better to carry the second copies.A participant or his representative must provide a sound producer with a music medium in time (in advance). A name of a performer, his number, name of a composition, and track must be written plainly on the medium. Place of event:International exhibition supercomplex 'CROCUS EXPO'. The square is 5000 sq. meters. Near it there is the best in the world Tropical Park of Boutiques - the most beautiful trade MALL (rivers, pool, palms, splendour of shops etc.), and also complex of attractions and playing grounds STAR GALAXYThere are stands for 3000 spectators. Three dancing halls.Travel scheme: the 65-th kilometer of the Moscow ring road. Take a bus from metro station Tushinskaya to the bus stop "Shop 'Your Home Crocus City'" (Magazin "Tvoy dom Crocus City"), Metro station Strogino 1 km. from the Hall.Accomodation: Standard rooms (phone, TV, refrigerator) 35 Euro per head for the day (triple rooms)Deadline for applications for accommodation is the 10 of April, 0.00..Hotel room reservation is 10 Euro per head.Transfer (Meeting)On your prior request a meeting and bus conveyance from and to airports and railway stations will be organized. Costs of conveyance to hotels depending upon distance and number of people (for group 20 - 30 Euro): Deadline for applications for transfer is the 10 of April, 0.00 a.m. (in roubles per head 36 roubles = 1 Euro):Food In hotel '': breakfast. Here is a café and a restaurant. In a place of holding Convention: hot dinners on a prior request till 10 of April, 0.00 a.m.. Dinner costs: - 5 Euro. Terms of participation:All comers are allowed to participate in all programs of the Convention.Participants are allowed according to documents confirming their age.Charitable contribution: 15 Euro per participant for a dance style and age group. On official events of IDO are contributed according to their rules.Entrance tickets. Cost of an entrance ticket is 10-15 Euro depends on the dayRegistration order and deadlines Preliminary!!! registration is till 15 April 2008 0:00 a.m. In case of exceeding permissible number of participants in a group organizers keep their options to refuse to register additionally applications after the deadline. After the 15 April a registration fee is doubled. Confirmation of the registration and payment of the charitable contribution is necessary on the eve of performance.. Note: Preliminary registration does not exempt from confirmation of the registration and obtaining a registration number on the eve of the performance.Video filming and author's rightsAccording to the 'Law about an Author's Right', rights for video filming and duplication belong to Olympiad organizers. Convention participants transfer a right to video filming to the organizers gratis. Private video filming is chargeable: - - 15 Euro for all day, the International Congress - 25 Euro for congress Safety and security of personal thingsOlympiad organizers are not responsible for the safety of personal things and valuables of the Olympiad participants and guests. Be attentive and watchful while leaving valuables unattended!CertificationsOlympiad participants which are not in the finals will be given memorable diplomas . Congress participants - certifications.Insurance and medical aidEach Olympiad participant will be offered to insure himself against accidents for the time of the event by the insurance company-partner of the Convention.During all event effective medical aid is provided.Excursion program of the ConventionFor foreign participants there are some types of excursion programs at costs below market of Moscow travel agencies. Requests for excursion programs must be submitted until 15th April 0:00 a.m.RewardingWinners in the solo and duet nominations are rewarded with medals and diplomas, in the small groups, formation and production nominations - with cups and diplomas. Finalists are rewarded with diplomas and badges. For some groups finalists prize fund is provided at the rate of no less than: 300$ - the 1st place, the 2nd place - 200$, the 3rd place - 100$ , 4-6 places - 50$ per head.Exhibition 'Dance and Theatre Industry 2008'Place of event: Exhibition complex 'Crocus Expo'Time: 1- 8 May 2008 Exhibition sections: Goods for dancing: footwear, suits, training and rehearsal clothes, hygiene treatments for dancing, cosmetics, decorations, costume jewellery, packing material, personal things for dancers and choreographers, special bags, brief cases, hold-alls, smockings and evening cloth for dancers, special attributes etc. Equipment for dance and choreographic halls Tourist services Organization of dance camps and congresses Special floors and coverings. Musical illustration: sound-reproducing equipment, acoustics, microphones, disks, mini, music collections. Light decorations Rewarding production Equipment for cultural and theatre establishments Design and interior of dancing halls and stage Atelier and tailoring of suits and clothes Dancers' health and rehabilitation Mass media Poligraphy and development of corporate style Institutions of high and higher educationExhibition Organizers: Foundation 'Health Culture Sport',All-Russian Dance Organization, Centre for dancing sports CSKA, Dance Holding Company, Magazines World Dance', Our contacts: Phone/Fax (499) 194-99-04, Mobile (495) 772-6051.Address for correspondence: 123298 Russia Moscow Marshala Malinovskogo 7 office 18.E-mail: danceCSKA@mtu-net.ru www.ortodance.ru

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